Hear the biblical stories again…
for the first time

2008-stripDennis Dewey is a master biblical storyteller who has offered performances, storytelling in worship, workshops/seminars and retreats for more than three decades in hundreds of churches, schools, festivals and conferences all over North America as well the United Kingdom, Australasia, South Africa, Korea and beyond.

An ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for over thirty years, he has been studying and teaching the scholarship of a performance-critical approach to the oral cultures from which biblical texts grew and helped found the NBS Seminar.

He has been featured at the National Storytelling Festival, Princeton Theological Seminary’s Institute of Theology, the Joseph Campbell Festival, Oxford University and on national television. Dennis also served for a time as Executive Director of the Network of Biblical Storytellers International, an organization whose goal is to help everyone learn and tell biblical stories.


… audiences hear the sacred stories “again for the first time”
… preachers/teachers learn to perform biblical texts as lively stories
… post-modern Christians discover pre-literate spirituality
          that is both ancient and contemporary. 

An extension of his storytelling ministry is leading church groups on Sacred Story Journeys, pilgrimage experiences that link biblical storytelling to educational opportunities in trips to

Dennis Dewey’s mission is
to help people hear the biblical stories “again for the first time.”

“I’ve been going to church all my life,
but never heard the story until Dennis Dewey told it!”

“Dennis Dewey has taught our teachers how to learn,
and now they know how to teach!”

“Dewey helped our congregation find connections
between the biblical stories and their own stories!”

“Dennis helped us discover a new/old approach to spirituality!”