Retreat in Sacred Story Spirituality

Dennis Storytelling GR06Dennis Dewey’s retreat experience explores the connections between the individual’s lifestory and the sacred story tradition of Israel and the Church.

Through a careful process of prayer and reflection, small group discussion and plenary activities, participants will bring intentionality to the re-formation of their personal stories and will select a scripture story in which they will live and move and have their being for the duration of the retreat.

This adapted Ignatian process will entail an intimate encounter with sacred story and a deep listening for God in the dialogue between the scripture and lifestory.

A portion of the retreat will focus on learning and practicing techniques for learning the stories by heart or “internalizing the story”, an ancient spiritual discipline of pre-literate peoples once again appropriate for a post-literate culture.

The retreat may be one day or overnight.

The main task of adult life is the composing of our lifestories. As Erik Erickson has written, “To be an adult means among other things to see one’s own life in continuous perspective, both in retrospect and prospect. By accepting some definition as to who we are, we are able to selectively reconstruct our past in such a way that, step for step, it seems to have planned us, or better, we seem to have planned it. In this sense, psychologically we do choose our parents, our family history, and the history of our kings, heroes, and gods. By making them our own, we maneuver ourselves into the inner position of … creators.”