Workshops and Seminars


The Practical Art and Spiritual Discipline of Biblical Story

  • experience together the power of biblical storytelling
  • make connections between lifestory and biblical story
  • consider the implications of the Bible’s rootage in oral culture
  • reflect on the spirituality of having the stories by heart
  • learn techniques for internalizing and telling biblical stories
  • discover storytelling gifts and develop confidence
  • begin to internalize and practice telling a biblical story

Before there was an ink-and-paper Bible there was the breath-and-sound story. Current biblical scholarship is discovering that the oral culture from which the Bible emerged entailed a different kind of thinking from literate culture. Today, as new forms of communication are changing our world, we find that these ancient traditions are enjoying a lively resurgence.

Biblical storytelling revives this most basic language of Israel and early Christianity–the telling of the sacred stories, the narratives that make present God’s saving deeds and grace.

Biblical storytelling invites the audience/congregation to enter into a story, which they experience as though hearing it for the very first time.

Learning these stories by heart equips us to look at our own stories differently and provides us with tools for ministries in education, liturgy, spiritual growth, leadership and caring.

The basic workshop is three hours. The more in-depth seminar version is offered in a one-day or overnight format. Both the workshop and the seminar teach the participants how to do exegesis “from inside out,” and how to tell them in ways that let their life shine. Participants will actually learn and tell a story from one of the gospels.